Sega Tipik Morisien

Traditional Mauritian Sega commonly known as Sega Tipik, is a nostalgic heritage left by the African and Malagasy descents and which narrates the sorrows and the joy of the people. Sega was a means for the slaves to free their minds and bodies from fatigue and miseries of a long and hard day’s work in the fields. It can also be viewed as a final expression of their own freedom. It is a very important form of art for Mauritians. Dancers move at the rhythm of the music and the main instruments used are ravan, maravan and triang. Today Sega is the most popular form of music of the country used for festive and enjoyment time.

At the time of slavery, the traditional Mauritian Sega was played to express the suffering of the slaves. After hard work, they met to relate their pain and nostalgia of their lost country in the form of music. They also shared moments of joy together. Gradually, the perception of the traditional music changed and the island was lulled by the rhythm. Years later, it started to be performed all around and now it is an emblem of the Mauritians. Traditional artists preserve and propagate this form of music.

Sega Tipik Morisien is inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 27 November 2014.

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