Plaine Wilhems

1. Abbé de la Caille Memorial (Municipality of Curepipe Compound)
2. Carnegie Library (Curepipe)
3. Chapman Tomb (Beau Bassin)
4. Dr. Stadtman Tomb (Chebel)
5. Flinder’s Memorial (La Marie)
6. Laperouse Memorial (Eau Coulée)
7. Old Chapel of St Anne
8. Old Labourers’ Quarters (Trianon)
9. Post Office (Rose-Hill)
10. Private Cemetery of Martin-Moncamp Family (Trianon)
11. Statue of Aimé de Sornay, Municipality of Curepipe Compound
12. Statue of J.P. Toulet, Municipality of Curepipe Compound
13. Statue of Paul et Virginie, Municipality of Curepipe Compound
14. The Curepipe Town Hall
15. The Emmanuel Anquetil Tomb (St. Jean Cemetery)
16. The Monument aux Morts (Curepipe)
17. The Royal College (Curepipe)
18. Tomb of John Comber-Browne (St. Thomas Cemetery, Beau Bassin)
19. Plaza Theatre

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