Grand Port

1. Chateau Riche en Eau
2. Dutch Monument (Ferney)
Fort Frederik Hendrik Historical Site
2A.Fossil remains of any animal, bird or plant that may have been found or may be foundoverground or underground in the area of Mare aux Songes.
3. Grand Port Battle Memorial (Pointe des Régates)
3A Gunpowder Magazine, Pointe Canon
4. Ile de la Passe
5. Lighthouse (Ile aux Fouquets)
6. Maison Historique de Grand Port
6A Monument aux Esclaves, Pointe Canon
7. Monument facing Railway Station (Wreck of Crysolite)
8. Monument to commemorate entry of sugar cane
9. Old Cemetery (Old Grand Port)
10. Old Disused Chimney (St. Hubert)
11. Old French Batteries (Grand Port)
12. Remains of Old French Battery (Anse Petite Sable)
13. Ruins of 1939-45 war buildings on top of the promontory, overlooking the whole of theSouth East Coast
14. Ruins of French Batteries (Pointe du Diable)
15. Shri Simhadri Appanah Alayam (Beau Vallon)
16. Tour Hollandais (Old Grand Port)

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