1. Abbe Buovanita Tomb (Pamplemousses Cemetery)
2. Adrien d’Epinay Tomb (Pamplemousses Cemetery)
3. Balaclava (Arsenal)
4. Batterie des Grenadiers (Pointe aux Piments)
5. Battery at Oberoi Hotel (Pointe aux Piments)
6. Battery at Pointe aux Cannoniers Hotel (Pointe aux Cannoniers)
7. Cere Tomb (Pamplemousses Gardens)
8. Charles Planel Tomb (Pamplemousses Cemetery)
9. Charles Thorny Pitot Tomb (Pamplemousses Cemetery)
10. Cimetière des Esclaves
11. Dr Goomany Tomb (Pointe aux Cannoniers)
12. Fort Albert (Tombeau Bay)
13. Lienard Memorial
14. Powder Magazine at Oberoi Hotel (Pointe aux Piments)
15. Magon de La Villebague Tomb (Pamplemousses Cemetery)
16. Model Factory (Pamplemousses Gardens)
17. Mon Plaisir Building (Pamplemousses Gardens)
18. Old Fort (Tombeau Bay)
19. Old Lighthouse (Pointe aux Cannoniers)
20. Powder House at Oberoi Hotel (Pointe aux Piments)
21. Powder Magazine (Pointe aux Cannoniers)
22. Prince Enelepola Monument
23. Ruins of French Arsenal (Baie aux Tortues)
24. St Francois d’Assise Church
25. Sugar Factory (Grande Rosalie)
26. The Presbytery (Pamplemousses)
27. Tower of Old Power Mill
28.Triolet Maheswarnath Shivala
29. Windmill Tower (Riche Terre)

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